Our urban environment—both that which surrounds us on our way to work and the space in which we live—contains a densely tangled network of infrastructures for electricity and communication, and yet infrastructure accessibility remains a serious problem.

Alteration and adjustment of basic services such as street signs, street lights, communication and security systems, traffic signs and traffic lights requires connection to that same electric and communication infrastructure and requires:

 Excavation and quarrying

 Connecting to a high-voltage power

 Receiving bureaucratic approval

 Use of heavy equipment and soil

 Significant financial resources

As a result, even the smallest project significantly disturbs both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Utilization of solar power sources eliminates all of those infrastructural and logistical limitations and complications, making all of the concerns listed obsolete, all while saving time and preserving significant financial resources, maintaining the highest standard of safety and preserving the environment.

Solar Solutions Ltd., was established by entrepreneurs Benzi Shemesh and Jacky AlGhazi, each with decades of experience in electrical engineering and electronics, based on their shared vision and belief in development, implementation and integration of solar-powered solutions into the urban environment and outside of it, stretching their imagination to integrate the use of solar power in a wide variety of products in the fields of lighting, signage, traffic signs, communication and security, all while eliminating the need to plug into existing electrical or communication infrastructures.

The company specializes in product innovation, planning and development of solutions and products based on solar energy, which are produced by the company and specially tailored for each client according to their specific needs.

The company operates in two different planes:

 Integration of solar-powered technology into complex projects in Israel and abroad.

 As an incubator for the development and manufacturing of products in Israel through collaborations with leading manufacturers in the field both in Israel and abroad.

The company has dozens of projects and has installed hundreds of its products throughout Israel. Among the company’s clients are city municipalities, local councils, and numerous businesses.

The company’s specialized Research and Development Department is highly dedicated to the development of new and innovative products that will lead the solar-powered product market in Israel, all while ensuring the highest level of quality, service and performance.

The company is proud to be a pioneer and leader in the solar power field in Israel and uncover the solar energy message that is integrated into the company’s various products, encouraging their customers to join the global green movement and ensure significant savings in terms of energy and financial resources.