Solar Lighting Solutions

“Solar Solutions, Ltd.” produces and develops a variety of solar-powered light fixtures that are installed on a variety of our products

Street lamp posts:
– Bicycle paths.
– Public parks and nature reserves.
– Public and private parking lots.
– Bus stops.

There is no need for electrical or communication infrastructures, digging or disrupting the soil and they offer rapid installation and instantaneous operation, they are prominent and noticeable and they save energy and help to preserve the environment.

Our innovative solutions allow us to integrate software and hardware into our light fixtures, providing spatial motion sensing in order to allow for:
– Remote control for regulation of the hours at which the light is on and the intensity with which it shines.
– Spatial motion sensing allowing for regulation of the light intensity, as required.

You can even order a multi-purpose lamppost that can function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, electrical sockets to charge cellular devices, and integration of LED screens for providing information, advertising, and more.

Lighting Solutions Gallery: