Solar Security Solutions

Solar Solutions Ltd “design and develops a range of solar security products, embedded with on a variety of products:
Immobile and mobile police Flashers approved for use by the “Israeli police.

Cameras base solar and cellular stations installed on fences and buildings in the city or in rural areas lacking electricity and communications infrastructure.
Camouflage solar cameras and cellular object concealed and disguised, which are not detectable.

Recently the company has developed a unique product “David Shield”, an exclusive and innovative solar security system. Perimeter surveillance detection system. Customized, modular, compact and reliable.

Off Grid solution for today’s threats where connecting to local power grid and communication network is impossible.

The system can be installed in a fixed and / or mobile-based and mobile solar power and provides a solution based voice alert, photography and video in real time and the ability to alert security centers or individuals.

The system supports four video channels and two channels of audio can be controlled remotely using a laptop and a smartphone.

David shield is optimized to work ina difficult conditions, without electricity infrastructure and allows working efficiently and effectively without the sun for 3-7 days

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