Special Solar Solutions

Solar Solution Ltd. “R&D” department mission is designing, developing and manufacturing breakthrough products.
All the products we produce have a unique technology developed by the Company (“smart component”) that generates added value in relation to the corresponding products.

We offer a variety of products and specialized solutions developed breakthrough for our country and the world all based solar technology that enable a range of innovative according to customer requirements.

Solar stations for smartphones, installed at bus stops for passengers waiting at bus stops.

Desktop Charging Portable Solar Mobile Phone- table includes modular solar system’s argument in favor of cell phones in isolated areas, where there is no electrical infrastructure (e.g. Africa)

Solar tire inflation station provided as a service by municipalities and, for public off-road cyclists and city cycling routes.

Solar refrigerator – a unique, exclusive and groundbreaking in the field of cooling.
Full solar system enables to cool and freeze perfectly fridge full capacity of 300 liters in favor of food and drinks cooling in isolated areas without electricity infrastructure in the country and abroad.

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